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Contest Categories for ModelFest


B. Aircraft

B-1 : 1:48 Single Engine Prop

B-2: 1:48 Single Engine Jet

B-3: 1:48 Multi Engine Prop

B-4: 1:48 Multi Engine Jet

B-5: 1:72 Single Engine Prop

B-6: 1:72 Single Engine Jet

B-7: 1:72 Multi-Engine Prop

B-8: 1:72 Multi Engine Jet

B-9: 1:32+ Prop

B-10: 1:32+ Jet

B-11: Multi Wing Aircraft, all scales, all eras

B-12: Helos/Misc, All scales, all eras 

C. Automotive

C-1: Any GM, Ford & Chrysler vehicle

C-2: US - non Big Three

C-3: Foreign: any non US made vehicle

C-4: Race cars, Any type of auto racing

C-5: Custom Vehicles, mild to wild

C-6: Motorcycles/2 wheeled vehicles

C-7: Trucks, Fire/Rescue, all others

D. Armor & AFV’s

D-1: 1:35+ Closed top Allied to 1945

D-2: 1:35+ Closed top Axis to 1945

D-3: 1:35+ Closed top NATO after 1945

D-4: 1:35+ Closed top other after 1945

D-5: 1:35+ Armored open top tracked & wheeled armor, all types

D-6: 1:35+ Soft skins, tracked & wheeled

D-7: 1:35+ Artillery, all eras

D-8: 1:48 Tracked , all eras

D-9: 1:48 Wheeled & arty, all eras

D-10: 1:72 & smaller, Tracked, all eras

D-11: 1:72 & smaller, Wheeled & arty,all eras 

E: Juniors

E-1: All scales, all types & all eras (except Gundam)

E-2:  Gundams

F. Figures

F-1: 54mm and smaller

F-2: 55mm and larger

G. Dioramas

G-1: Small sized base

G-2: Large sized base

H. Spacecraft & Sci-Fi

H-1: All scales, all types & all eras

H-2:  Gundam 

J. Naval

J-1: 1/700 and smaller

J-2:  1/350 and larger

K. Miscellaneous

K-1: Dinosaurs, humor, fictional, etc

K-2: 100% scratch built, all scales

K-3: 100% OOB Plastic Kits, all scales 

Categories subject to change on or before

contest date. IPMS USA judging rules apply.