IPMS Region 5 Convention


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B. Aircraft

B-1 : 1:48 Single Engine Prop:  1st:  P-51 by Art Miller, 2nd:  Helldiver by  Kelly Quirk, 3rd:  A-1J Skyraider by Richard Kern

B-2: 1:48 Single Engine Jet:  1st:  F-16C by Kelly Quirk, 2nd:  F-9 Panther by Ron Hilker, 3rd: QF-16 by Justin Carlson

B-3: 1:48 Multi Engine Prop:  1st:  Wellington by Bill Pettyjohn, 2nd:  Ju-52 by J. W. Dirske, 3rd:  Dehaviland Hornet by Rick Linkous

B-4: 1:48 Multi Engine Jet:  1st:  F-5E Tiger by Alan Millsap, 2nd:  F-18 Hornet by Phil Delaughter, 3rd:  Me-262 by Greg Vanderstel

B-5: 1:72 Single Engine Prop:  1st:  Typhoon by Jarrod Booth, 2nd:  Zero by Jim Bert,  3rd:  F4F Wildcat by J. W. Dirske

B-6: 1:72 Single Engine Jet:  1st:  Vampire by Jarrod Booth, 2nd:  F-86 by Richard Kern, 3rd:  F-86 by Jeff Bobela

B-7: 1:72 Multi-Engine Prop:  1st:  Pancake by Richard Kern, 2nd:  B-17G by Jeff Bobela

B-8: 1:72 Multi Engine Jet:  1st:  F-18 by Richard Kern, 2nd:  F-18 by Jeff Bobela, 3rd:  Yak 40 by Neil Bable

B-9: 1:32+ Multi-Engine Prop:  1st:  Arado AR196 by Bill Pettyjon, 2nd:  Spitfire by Steve Ringlein, 3rd:  Mosquito by Jeff Cadenhead

B-10: 1:32+ Aircraft, Jet:  1st:  F-15C by Steve Ringlein, 2nd:  Mig-15 by Marc Randall

B-11: Multi Wing Aircraft, all scales, all eras:  1st:  Tiger Moth by Jarrod Booth, 2nd:  Albatross by Doug Hatton, 3rd:  Gladiator by Richard Kern

B-12: Helos/Misc, All scales, all eras:  1st:  EH-101 Merlin by Jarrod Booth, 2nd:  MH-60K by Ron Hilker, 3rd:  Bachem Natter by Greg Vanderstel

C. Automotive 
C-1: Any GM, Ford & Chrysler vehicle:  1st:  1932 Ford by Patrick Bailey, 2nd:  37 Chevy by Alyn Loya, 3rd:  1968 Camaro by Brian Aldridge

C-2: US - non Big Three:  No Entries

C-3: Foreign:  any non US made vehicle:  1st:  Subaru Sambar by Patrick Bailey, 2nd:  Delivery van by Ed Burgess, 3rd:  Porshe 924 by Bill Blackwood

C-4: Race cars, Any type of auto racing:  1st:  Subaru Impreza by Patrick Bailey, 2nd:  1970 Hornet by Keith Dupree, 3rd:  Peanuts Nascar by Charlie Carle

C-5: Custom Vehicles, mild to wild:  1st:  62 Pontiac by Alyn Loya, 2nd:  1936 Ford by Patrick Bailey, 3rd:  1966 Dodge by Keith Dupree

C-6: Motorcycles/2 wheeled vehicles:  1st:  BMW R/75 by Richard Kern, 2nd:  Purple Harley by Mike Levens, 3rd:  German Zundap by Daryl Rhoades

C-7:  Trucks, Fire/Rescue, all others:  1st:  Model T Tow Truck by Alyn Loya, 2nd:  1064 Isuzu Bus by Marc Randell, 3rd:  Mack Truck by Terry Barrow

D. Armor & AFV’s

D-1: 1:35+ Closed top Allied to 1945:  1st:  FT-17 by Terry Barrow, 2nd:  M4 Sherman by Art Miller, 3rd:  JS-3 by Jeff Pervier

D-2: 1:35+ Closed top Axis to 1945:  1st: Jagdpanzer 38 by Eric Sams, 2nd:  Sturmgeschute by Richard Kern, 3rd:  Jagdpanzer by Scott Johnson 

D-3: 1:35+ Closed top NATO after 1945:  1st:  Curt FV101 Scorpion by Charles Williams, 2nd:  M60A1 by Gary Owesly, 3rd:  IDF APC by Adrain Hall

D-4: 1:35+ Closed top other after 1945:  1st:  Magach 6B Batash by Scott Johnson, 2nd:  Tiran-6 by Jeff Cadenhead, 3rd:  ASU-85 by Joe Lutz

D-5: 1:35+ Open top; soft skin:  1st:  M-10 Wolverine by Richard Kern, 2nd:  Nashorn by Scott Johnson, 3rd:  B8T Marder by Terry Barrow

D-6: 1:35+ Jeeps/Armored Cars/Halftracks:  1st:  SAS Jeep by Terry Barrow, 2nd:  Gama Goat by Brent Sauer, 3rd:  M21 Halftrack by Randy Fields

D-7: 1:35+ Artillery, all eras:  1st:  M2A1 Howitzer by Richard Kern, 2nd:  15cm Howitzer by Jeff Pervier, 3rd:  40mm Bofors by Joe Lotz

D-8: 1:48 Tracked , all eras:  1st:  Merkava by Richard Kern, 2nd:  Jagdtiger by Eric Sams, 3rd:  Type 10 by Chris Searing

D-9: 1:48 Wheeled & arty, all eras:  1st:  US Fuel Truck by Daryl Rhoades, 2nd:  M8 Grayhound by Richard Kern, 3rd:  Grief by Terry Barrow

D-10: 1:72 & smaller, Tracked, all eras:  1st:  Firefly by Richard Fisher, 2nd:  M1A1 Abrams by Richard Kern, 3rd:  Firefly by Tom Potts

D-11: 1:72 & smaller, Wheeled & arty,all eras:  1st SAS Jeep by Richard Kern, 2nd:  Soviet BTR-80 by Tom Potts

E: Juniors

E-1: All scales, all types & all eras:  1st:  F-16 by Ella Beery, 2nd:  Scorpion by Paul Curtiss

F. Figures

F-1: 54mm and smaller: 1st:   Frostlich by Chelsea Delaughter, 2nd:  SWMBO by Ed Bjes

F-2: 55mm and larger: 1st:  Celtic Warrior by Paul Sarbacker, 2nd:  U-Boat Captain by Daryl Rhoades, 3rd:  Visible Man by Alyn Loya 

G. Dioramas

G-1: Small sized base:  1st:  Bill Maudlin Wine by Nate Jones, 2nd:  WWI Ambulance by John Casex, 3rd:  Pit Stop by Charlie Carle

G-2: Large sized base:  1st:  WWII LRDR by Charles William, 2nd:  1068 Lola T-70 by Dave Ellis, 3rd:  Elefant by David Maqustor

H. Spacecraft & Sci-Fi

H-1: All scales, all types & all eras:  1st:  ID4 Alien Crash by Charles Williams, 2nd:  HoverTank by Richard Kern, Bird of Prey by Steve Rosario

J. Naval

J-1: All scales, all types & all eras:  1st:  PCS-1386 by Richard Sliwka, 2nd:  CA-Mikuma by Alan Millsap, 3rd:  U-32 by Richard Kern

K. Miscellaneous

K-1: Dinosaurs, humor, fictional, etc:  1st:  Ork Bomber by Phil Delaughter, 2nd:  YMIP by Charles Williams, 3rd:  T-Rex by Randy Fields

K-2: 100% scratch built, all scales:  1st:  XD-72 by Don Joy, 2nd:  Lunar Lander by Ron Denning

K-3: 100% OOB Plastic Kits, all scales 1st:  P-47 by Richard Kern, 2nd:  USS Northhampton by Richard Sliwka, 3rd:  Typhoon by Rodney Shackleford

Best Aircraft:  Ar196 by Bill Pettyjohn

Best Auto:  Subaru Impreza by Patrick Bailey

Best Armor:  FT-17 by Terry Barrow

Best Diorama:  WWII LRDR by Charles Williams

Best Space/Sci Fi:  Alien Crashed Ship by Charles Williams

Best Figure:  Celtic Warrior by Paul Sarbacker

Best Naval:  USS PCS-1386 by Richard Sliwka

Best Misc:  Ork Bomber by Phil Delancher

Theme Award:  1965 Ford Thunderbird by Keith Dupree

George Redden Award:  1968 Lola T-70 by Dave Ellis

Judges Grand Award:  Celtic Warrior by Paul Sarbacker